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    3. Changzhou Meisheng Biomaterials Co., Ltd.a joint-venture company consisting of college and university elites, was founded in April, 2010. It is located at the core of Changzhou Science and Education Town.Changzhou Science and Education Town gathering resources for innovation, build innovative platform, is a national renewable energy base, modern service area in Jiangsu Province ……
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      Changzhou Meisheng Biomaterials Co., Ltd.
      Add:     7-3 , No.8 Lanxiang Road,
               Western Taihu Lake Science
               and Technology Industrial Park,
               Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province
      Tel:     +86-519-81000008
      Fax:     +86-519-81000009
      E-mail:  manager@mysunbio.com
      Skype:   hanschembob

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